Meeting The Owner.


My name is Amir Nouhas, I'm 26 years old and of Scottish/Moroccan decent with half of my family living here in sunny Scotland and the rest in Morocco. I'm currently working as a Controller of site safety on the railway, travelling far and wide to complete various civil engineering works across the country. 

I've always had a passion for esports with a competitive personality and find myself as someone who always sets my aims high. I truly believe that hard work and dedication will get you far and I'm a firm believer in chasing the dream and making them a reality.

I've now watched/supported the Call of Duty competitive scene since call of Duty 4 and have always loved the community and the drama it brings, I was a medicore player myself and loved battling it out online against other teams and worked hard at trying to become the best. Me and a few close friends started as many did crushing our way through the public lobbies but this became easy and boring, I was then introduced to the world of Gamebattles and Decerto, I soon found that I wasn't the best player of all time and started getting smoked online by the already seasoned vets of the competitive scene. It didn't really matter how badly I got beat I just kept coming back and loved every minute of it. Modern Warfare 3 was where my love really began for competitive cod. With the European Gaming League hosting various events along with Dreamhack Valencia, Battle of Amsterdam and ReflexGT I had plenty of things to watch all year round. I had a few close friends who were a top 8-12 team in Europe and it made it easier for me to get behind and support, I was in every stream cheering them on. A fanboy at best haha. In the meantime I kept grinding and playing with friends with the dream of playing at a LAN event. As I was finishing school and heading to college I had a lot of free time to practice and scrim but sadly I was let down a few times close to events with teammates pulling out at the last second with health or funding issues. None the less I kept on playing not letting things faze me. Black Ops II was by far my best title in which myself and my team were managing to defeat the top 3-5 UK teams online using every chance we could to compete against those better than us. As we weren't known very well at the time it took a while for us to get a chance to scrim against the top teams, TcM were the first roster to give us a chance and we played them for a few nights before they left for EGL London in which they finished in a respectable 4th place. After being let down again for the next event I decided to stick with friends and play the next few titles competing with them. Call of Duty soon moved to the Playstation 4 and at the time I couldn't justify spending money on a console none of my friends were willing to buy. This changed when World War II was released and I decided to take the plunge and change console to chase the dream once again, myself and a good friend of mine Gary battled it out and worked on building a roster to compete. Sadly we couldn't find a 4 as our works shift pattern changed meaning we we went from 8 hour shifts to 12 and really struggled to find the time to play or scrim. 

So it was now late 2017 and I was doing my best to still play competitive Call of Duty but working 6 nights a week restricted my times to scrim meaning slowly but surely I decided to give up and focus on work and my social life. 

I had sometime to think over the festive period and knew that I really wanted to stay in the scene but had to figure out what route to take next. After a few days of scrolling through twitter I seen a few brands/organisations that I was familiar with and looked into how they worked things. I knew straight away that this was the route to take, I thought to myself if they can do it, I can. All I needed was a brand or Identity to build around and I focused my thoughts on a name.. I had many looked out, some were already taken and others didn't have that personal feel to it. 

Then it came to me, The Atlas Lions.. Being half Moroccan and an avid supporter of both National football teams I decided that I'd go for the Moroccan national teams nickname - The Atlas Lions. I loved the name and idea that I could help represent both Morocco and Scotland on the Esports world stage. 

From the very beginning I knew it was important not to bite off more than I can chew and to be patient as the months/years progressed. The European Esports scene was already plagued with Organisations living off false promises and I wanted to make sure we never fell into this category. Patience has been my most important ally and I'm constantly learning/improving everyday. 

Slowly but surely things progressed and I started to look for a Call of Duty roster to compete under our brand at CWL Birmingham. I was approached my a few teams but one roster really caught my eye and it was a team of Cod Veterans who I had previously watched compete and even win events back in the older titles. The squad consisted of - Mohog, Sensor, Kylee and Busby.

Now we had a roster and a dream, it was time for Birmingham...