Please Welcome - Redouane ‘FReZZer’ Dahbi

Please join us in welcoming Redouane ‘FReZZer’ Dahbi to The Atlas Lions! 

Redouane will join the organisation as a General Manager and will focus on integrating The Atlas Lions with the Moroccan/African community. We look forward to being introduced to new players and fans and hope to provide some great opportunities to everyone involved. 

We had a chance to speak with Redouane on his past/experience in esports. 

My name is Redouane, I go by the name ‘FReZZer’ and I’m a Moroccan multi-fighting games champion.

I have been playing Versus Fighting competitively for more than 25 years.
I'm currently an English Teacher and a professional player sponsored by vSlash Esports .

I have a long history in the competitive scene. Moving from National Teams like MF and VFM to international organizations 
like Orochinagi, Horizon Union and now playing for the Emirati organization : vSlash Esports.”


Here is a list of his achievements. 



As The Atlas Lions is a Moroccan themed esports organisation it’s great to welcome a fellow Moroccan to our ranks and we can’t wait to embrace and help grow the Moroccan presence in esports. 


“I’m looking forward to working alongside Redouane and can’t wait to put our ideas into action. He’s got a great personality and drive and is sure to be a wonderful addition to the team” - Amir Nouhas (Owner of The Atlas Lions)